This still makes me cry every time I read it. I know it’s not the best written thing and doesn’t always make sense (I know its grammar and tenses are out of whack) but I only just found it in a file from about two years ago. I wanted to share it before I edited as I feel this version is still beautiful if far from perfect. There is also a Draco section which is definitely still in editing but will be publish soon (when preliminary edit is finished). That why you can see the original product/thought/ideas/planning and then something near the finished product. Make sense? Hope you enjoy it.

Samm xx

*Disclaimer: All Character, Locations and plot devices belong to and were created by J.K.Rowling. I do not own them.


Bella had always the more domineering sister and she was always in control. Or so it felt ever since they had been children. As much as Cissy was annoyed with Andromeda for marrying the muggle, she had been made to disown Andromeda by Bella, and to some extent her husband, Lucius. That just because she agreed with pure-bIood ways and purity of wizarding kind. Which was important after all. However Andromeda was still her sister even if she has ignored her mere existence for years. After the battle of Hogwarts,in which Bella sadly died, Cissy, Lucius and their son, Draco defected from the death eaters. A few months later after lying a bit lower than usual Cissy realised that she was no longer under the controlling power of Bella and went to visit Andromeda despite her opposing judgement of the muggle, he was now also dead, having died in the lead up to the final battle of Hogwarts because no matter what Andromeda was still her sister and she needed that. She was confused about her feelings for Andromeda still but she still went. Together they talk about everything and anything under the sun. From games they played as kids to the silly stuff the kids had done growing up. Everything they remember and everything the would never have had a chance of knowing. It wasn’t always an easy conversation. It was better than the door in the face Narcissa had originally expected though. Some how she got the picture her sister was only still talking to her calmly and politely was because of Teddy playing around their feet. Narcissa looks at the child loved and cared for. A young boy who would always have someone there for him. No matter what the problem; big or small .How often had she been there for Draco in the past few years? When she leaves to apparate home she realised that she had disowned Andromeda before Draco was born nearly 25 years ago. This meant that Draco had never met his aunt. This was her chance to help him. To help to help someone else. She went home and started to try and convince him to come and meet her next time she went.


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