I have been considering recently start to do book reviews on this blog as well as my own stories. I’m have done several in the past. The quality isn’t always great but I suppose how different people review things might effect that. I just review my books in the way I review books. Really I think this blog will be a learning curb for me and so doing reviews will help and my style will probably change over times as I learn what makes a good review and what makes a not as good review but at the moment this is my review layout. I hope they are ok and I hope they are enjoyable after all that is the point.

Samm xx


This particular review is of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This is a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while since Meda over at snugglynookery.wordpress.com suggested it to me. There are spoilers within. I also posted this on my Goodreads page (which I can link anyone who wishes to it). So without further delay a review of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell:

Stars: 4.5/5

General content:

I fell in love with this book. There are no other word. I started reading it at gone midnight and wasn’t going to read much as I had to get up in the morning, then accidentally read the whole thing overnight. I identify so much with Cath and her fandoms and fanfic obsession. I spent a great part of the later book urging her just to hook up with him like she clearly want to though (which was distracting to be honest).

I also was sad when she didn’t hand over some of her fanfic as her actual coursework in a edited style. I felt oddly proud though when she rejected adding her name to the Nick’s paper (even if it meant hurt a friend as it went unpublished and unacknowledged) because it was his story and character that she had edited and given advice on. That however chimes wrongly as the last two sentence don’t really sit side by side, particularly if you’re Professor Piper who would view it as the coursework as plagiarism, but not the other oddly. She even going as far as saying unless it joint published it wouldn’t be published at all, which is confusing as Cath does say the characters belong to author of the book she’s fangirling over and she’s just borrowing them and changing them making them her own but when there her friends characters and story she has to be acknowledge as co-writer when she isn’t really she’s just a editor, a sense checker, a fan even (a fanfic writer of her friends work if you will). If I get someone to spelling, grammar and general sense check my work I don’t then add their names to that as its my work and I think principle stand here which I do really like.

There is some good character development within this book, however I wish we had spent a little more time with Wren as I got very confused by her at times. She didn’t always make sense or some of her personality wasn’t expressed early enough for you catch on to something that will be important later. There are some very interesting topics that are treated with the respect they deserve if not always with as much deep questioning as other YA books I have read. It also made me laugh so much. I got to a stage where I was shaking with a mixture of laughter and lack of sleep and that was driving me to keep reading a turn the pages.

These are the sorts of books where you keep turning the pages until the end gobbling it up and then go “oh, I ran out of book…”in a mourning, dejected way at the end. When you want so much more but there’s nothing left to get. It’s over, done and you cry because you happy cos it’s adorable and you love it bad sad because there is no more book and you want so much more. I did really truly enjoy this book so much. I would greatly recommend because as a fangirl and a fanfic writer myself I feel it does us justice which sometime is what we need when the whole world views us as mad!

favourite quote(s)?

Oh it has to be: ‘I’m just really active in the fandom.’
‘What the f**ck is a fandom’
‘You wouldn’t understand,’”

Because who reading this cant say they haven’t been asked that question and answer it like that?!

Or it could also possibly be: “But it didn’t break me. Nothing can break me unless I let it.”

Or the other one I consider as a good/favourite was:

“Why do I write?
To be somewhere else
To get free of ourselves
To stop
To stop being anything or anywhere at all
To disappear”

Which I have a feeling is a generic choice of quote from this book but it is a very good one.

Closing comments:

All in all a great book. Highly recommended and will defiantly read again!





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