New Short Story!!!! Yay!!! It’s not perfect or anywhere near finished but I thought I would post the progress. Tell me what you think!



Samm   xxx



You know that old saying:


“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet

And so are you”


I woke up with that in my head this morning. Of course I did. It’s what I wrote in the cards I wrote to my two best friends and my boyfriend when they came round selling those handmade only slightly adorable but more than slightly shitty things at school. I added a bit more to Ab’s about running like the wind (that nearly constantly knock the skinny bitch over) because she’ll make it someday if she just hopes and works hard on it. I added about leaving the past behind looking forward to the new stuff to Sadie’s because she just broke up with her boyfriend. What I added Geney’s (his young parents were obsessed with Disney when he was born. Even they admit calling their son Eugene was going a bit far. Anyway.) what I added to his card will die with us but it was amazing and so fun to write even if it gave me the giggles so badly that Mrs Lawren stared at me over her desk. What me and Geney have is special. I can say anything to him and he’ll listen and laugh or cry, sigh, whatever else is needed. He always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better and to make me feel special, perfect and wanted even when I feel the most down, something I kind of need. I love Geney so much it incredible and it hurts. I can hardly believe we’ve been together since year 8 and it’s now year 11 but we had been friends since year 2. I didn’t used to like him I was a bit of a bitch when I was younger but as we grew up I fell for him (and he fell for me) in the way only best friends can, completely and entirely like magic. I can’t imagine any different anymore, you know not loving him now as much and as strongly as I do. It would be too weird. He means everything to me.

*                      *                           *

I hate February 14th usually. It’s an excuse to make people spend large amounts on you unnecessarily when words could work just as well. If they love you I’m sure even the most innocent or unimaginative amongst us can come up with ways of show or expressing it than expensive cards, flowers or toys. Or even the tacky things they sell in school (you know the hand made things covered in glitter and the cookies made by the year 10’s and decorated by the special kids). The things that will wilt or be binned (or eaten) and then forgotten. I intend to investigate as many of the different possibilities I can. But first things first: get a boyfriend. Not a nerd. Not a geek. Not a sport type (eww too stereotypical). Not an emo or a Goth. Not an artsy fartsy type. Just a normal boy. I can’t stand the idea of another Valentine’s day being laughed for not having a boyfriend again. It’s alright for some. Mands and Geney have been together forever and even Sade had Luke (though that’s done now thank god) but I’ve never had anyone. I’m must be to fat. Or ugly. Or stupid. No one wants any of those things. I need some who means as much to me as Gene or Luke meant to the others. Why do I not deserves as much as them? What did I ever do?


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