My name is Samm. I am (near enough) a born and raised yellow-bellie (I was born in Nottingham but I was in Lincolnshire within a day of that) and still live on the same road I came home to when I was born, just 11 houses further down! It’s a long story mine so I wont bother you with the details. I’m 18 (nearly) and I love reading and writing. I am a big YA Fiction person and I love dystopia and apocalypse but I like a good bit of fantasy, action, adventure and romance too (and yes that’s a way of saying: I’m a Hunger Games and Divergent person and proud!!!) This is the outlet for that love! I am a big fan of finding or creating new characters, worlds and life styles. I like challenging perspective (if I can and I hope I can or at least keep you interested) or having my perception challenged. When I’m not writing, reading or living in a world of my own I am a Stage Management and Technical Theatre student (SM and Lighting design bias if you care). I hope you enjoy my stories. Have fun!

Sammie-Samm xxx


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