So the other day I got to where my college is and it was thundering it down with rain. Like soak you to the skin in an instant rain. Like potentially ruin 3 months work in 2 minutes rain. Usually in a morning I wait for my boyfriend’s train so we can walk up to college together. I don’t like waiting around in the station and there was an incident with a body anyway (I’m..I don’t..I can’t say anymore. Look it up as I don’t know what to say). So it’s pouring down with rain I have 35 mins to kill and a portfolio to carry, what do I do?  I decided I would go round the corner to Costa. I mean,  I have hardly any money but all the same, its warm, dry and, at 8.32 in the morning, quiet. So that, sat in Costa on a Wednesday morning, watching the rain pour down the window with a Carmel Latte, that is where this piece came into existence. (Also Carmel Latte is the only coffee worth drinking and Costa is the best undoubtedly). Hope you enjoy it!

Samm xxx

“Someday I’ll wish apon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me”

I have a problem with Happy. I have no idea what the problem is but as soon as he creeps into mind I shudder. It’s been so long since I found his arms wrapping around me, confident he can keep me safe no matter what. Sad took over a while ago. Weirdly I wasn’t perfectly happy with Happy in fact he could make me rather sad. I couldn’t join in with his happy because I couldn’t be as happy as he. He had weird thing to make him happy but Happy had thing that made him happy that would make other sad. It’s a strange world we live in. Sad was a relief, at first, he made me happy because he was happy but not in Happy happy. But now Sad makes me sad but Happy still make me sad too. I suppose I must have a problem with Happy and Sad which also creates a problem with happy and sad. Do you seem my problem yet? Maybe I should date normal people but then what is more normal than Happy and Sad? Normal will be one for another day, a more normal day to explain Normal.




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