I got bored on a bus on the 1st November and as the bus creeped through the slowly raising darkness of the beautiful early morning, I suddenly was the witness to the most gorgeous sunrise across frosty fields of the cliff villages and the fields and hills beyond of Lincolnshire. It was so enjoyable just to build a story or possibly its just a description from the sight that made me so happy. I hope you enjoy this!

Samm xxx

Frost. Proper frost. Blanketing all the fields. Its the first time I’ve seen it this winter. I love mornings like this, where the sun is a fully ripened orange, made of blood and fire tendrils rising to thaw a kingdom raised in the night by a contemptuous and cruel ruler.

I love the light shining through arms, draped in hundreds of glimmering jewels that once covered them in there hundred of thousands, but now have pulled loose leave massive holes in the beautiful shawl that once was the covering over nearly every inch of  his many followers . Those followers who surround the land standing tall and powerful and beautiful, so brave, not in fighting but in standing witness to their guides power and beauty for themselves.

He continues to stretch himself slowly losing fire and blood in his eyes til he can raise himself and spread his warmth and power to all. Spreading and spreading for as long as his orbal ghost of a sister permits until slowly even he gives to await the dark cruelty of his mysterious brother of the dark, flanked by his cold and vengeful minions of chaos, to descend from an icy palace of harsh beauty.


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